Imperial Dade has activated our emergency response plan for our branch in Puerto Rico. We are currently working to locate all of our associates, determine their well-being, and offer aid. Our facility has incurred minimal damage and is currently under generator power. All of our delivery vehicles are operational. At this time we have a small group of managers on site working to restore telecommunications, assess inventory, and make preparations to resume service as soon as possible. We will continue to issue updates regarding our status and progress towards resuming operations.

Imperial Dade Programs

Sustainable solutions for facilities maintenance and foodservice.
Food safety products and procedures for restaurants.
Environmental Service
Warewashing, laundry and chemical management systems.
Public Sector
Procurement contracts providing agencies with opportunities to purchase more efficiently.
HyProtection Zone
Specialized housekeeping and hand-hygiene solutions for healthcare facilities.
Purchasing power and logistical support for distributors.
Imperial Bag and Dade Paper are now Imperial Dade

We have combined the two leading distributors of foodservice disposables, janitorial supplies and equipment into one organization that is designed to support our customers' success. Our collective experience, resources and geographic reach offer benefits to all we serve. Our new website is under construction. Until then, visit to learn more about our organization.

Better together, we are Imperial Dade.
Cruise Division
For more information about the Imperial Dade Cruise Division, visit

DP Distribution LLC specializes in wholesale distribution of retail merchandise. We look forward to working together as your distribution partner. DP Distribution LLC

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